Heather Breeze

Barrister, mediator, and Mother in Sydney, Australia

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Heather Breeze is renowned for her unique blend of calmness and empathy, paired with a smart, informed, and commanding approach.

In 1996, Heather earned her honours degree in Economics and Laws from the University of Sydney. She then embarked on a legal career in the United Kingdom, where she practiced law for a decade. During this time, she also pursued a Master of Laws degree, specializing in international arbitration, from the prestigious University College London.

As a respected barrister, Heather boasts an impressive professional background that spans across various legal sectors. She has international experience in professional negligence and medical defence litigation in the UK, as well as corporations law practice and construction litigation. Her primary expertise lies in providing equitable remedies in family law, handling de facto financial cases, managing complex property matters, dealing with relocation issues, alienation cases, and facilitating intergenerational transfers, especially in the realm of rural affairs.

  • Education
    • University College London