Heather Rand

Raleigh, NC

I've always been one of those people that said..."what if" or "wonder if you could." My poor brain gets a workout as it never shuts off! I always see ways in which processes or products could be improved. I think everything can be done better. If I run into a brick wall, I think there is certainly a way to climb over.

I found my niche in entrepreneurship; I love creating and building companies. I love coming up with business ideas for others and sharing my knowledge and experience to see them succeed. I am a strong believer in small businesses and I think the freedoms of ownership and innovation are parts of the secrets to life.

I am a native North Carolinian and can't imagine living anywhere else. My husband Ryan is extremely tolerant of my "wild ideas" and my daughter Kaitlyn definitely has my innovative gene. I think she'll be a millionaire before she's out of elementary school!

My personal definition of success...profitable freedom of time and obligations while giving back more than I receive.

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    • M.S & B.S from NC State University