Heather Krulewski

New Jersey

Heather Krulewski

New Jersey

Heather is a New Jersey native. She graduated from Douglass College with a Bachelors in English. She went on to graduate from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education with a Masters in English Education. She currently works as a Vounteer Coordinator.

She is on a journey to discover herself and share her discoveries. Here is a poem that describes her.

A lover
Full of joy
And peace

A nature spirit
Drawn to the mountains,
Trees , flowers,
Oceans, rivers
And animals.

A free spirit
Barefoot always.

Spunky and sweet
Full of laughter
Sometimes of tears.

A veritable collection
Of inconsistencies
And brilliant contradictions

Musicals and acting
Teaching and facilitating
Helping people of all ages.

Traveling the world
Writing, photographing
Experiencing and sharing
Places, Culture, People

Spiritual and materialistic
Enlightened and limited
Fearless and afraid

My imperfections make me

I am this moment!

  • Education
    • Ed. M. in English Education