Heather Tucker

Director of Operations in the Netherlands

Heather Tucker

Director of Operations in the Netherlands

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My favourite roles have always involved designing, setting up, and refining (new) services and businesses. There's something special about getting all the operational pieces to fit together in the right order.

In my position as Children and Young Persons Officer with Victim Support Lewisham, I was responsible for setting up the Children and Young Persons Support Service from initial inception through to the fully implemented project. At Deptford Park Primary School I set up and maintained an inclusion programme for underachieving youth. And it is my operational policies, workflows, and procedures that have helped Fluent Forever—a company that has recently raised more than $1.3 million via crowdfunding—grow and develop.

Editorial Management

I love to travel and the opportunity it gives you to dive nose first into a destination whilst receiving a jolt of excitement from the sights, sounds, and smells of your new surroundings. My roles at Bindu Media, NBTC Holland Marketing, as well as Editorial Director at Travel Gluttons and Cloggie Central have allowed me to combine my love of travelling with my passion for operations and project management.

Turning Blank Pages Into Articles

The process of turning a blank sheet of paper into something that inspires, informs, or takes you on a journey with just the power of words always amazes me. I have a range of published writing experience (online and in print) including articles in Archaeology Magazine, The Daily Pnut, Porthole Cruise Magazine, and Taste & Travel International.

From the USA to the Netherlands

When I was 16, I walked onto a plane with a Cheshire cat grin on my face, bound for Estonia via New York and Helsinki. I later called the United Kingdom home for almost ten years before settling in the Netherlands.

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