Hector Chaparro

Hector Chaparro

I'm Mexican-Canadian bilingual video-journalist with over 20 years of experience in Television. I'm musician, photographer, martial artist of Aikido and tarot reader. I'm currently working as ENG Photographer at Global News in Calgary Alberta Canada, and writer and collaborator of the Border Heritage magazine. Bisides as a Liaison and Protection officer of the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary. Passionate of the psychogenealogy, astrology and Neurolinguistic.

I born in Juarez Mexico, place when I started my career in 1990 working by Chanel 5 as a Camera man, couple years later besides as cultural-entertainment journalist.

As well worked with:

-Chanel 44 affiliated TV Azteca in 1998

Chanel 56 Televisa in 2000

It was not until 2008 when emigrated to Canada searching opportunities to grow in my career, Finally the big challenge came in 2012 when i started working with Global News.

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