Héctor González Chanclón

Héctor González Chanclón

Hi there.

My name is Héctor. I'm kind of a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I draw, I animate, write, 3D model, and I love (and practice) martial arts. I know, those are many things, but I have priorities. Writing and animating are on the top of my skills. I really love animating, and I hope I will find a job as a 3D animator in a good studio.

Also, I write poetry and novel (not professionally) and one of my dreams is creating my own world and my own history. JK. Rowling, Tolkien, George R.R.Martin... those ones are now immortal, and they have created a universe where everyone can escape. That's my ambition.

There is the other face of my life, and that one is drawing and modeling in 3D. I am studying 3D animation and I can say it made me decide what I want to be in the future.

I am studying 3D now, but i studied Journalism before that. I though I could put my writing passion to an use in the news world, but after ending my degree I knew that it wasn't for me.

So, here I am now drawing, animating, writing, and modeling. Lets hope in the future I evolve into a master of something!