Héctor Quintián

Proffessor in Ferrol, España

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After finishing his studies of Industrial Engeenering at University of León (Spain) and master of “Computation” at Univesity of A Coruña, he started his PhD at University of Salamanca in 2013, finishing in 2017. He was granted with a regional and national (FPU) grant to develop his PhD studies.

He made rearch stays at different national and international Univesities (Spain, Portugal and Poland) during his PhD.

Research activity:

During last 6 years he has been author/co-author of more than 17 reasearch articles in reputed journals indexed in JCR.

He has published 1 full book, and has been author of 3 book chapters.

He has published a total of 22 papers in international conferences (most of them LNCS-Springer).

He has been organizer of several conferences in their different editions (more than 19), all of them with high international reputation and he has also been member of the programme committee of high number of international congresses (more than 24).

He has been member of the reasearch team in more than 10 research proyects (3 European, 1 International, 2 national and 4 regional).

Finally, he has developed 3 software property registry.

Teaching activity:

He is teach a total of 9 different subjects in the field of Industrial Engeneering and Automatic.

He is supervisor of 2 doctoral students at Univnesity of A Coruña.

He has also participated in 2 teaching innovation proyects.