Coleman Hedden

Kennesaw, GA

Born at a very young age | Minority in his own home | Aspiring media artist | Trifling communication intern | Feisty basketball fan

I am a Georgia Bulldawg. Have been since birth. I've bled red and black just like the next guy or gal who walks around the Arch on a daily basis here in Athens. My parents met here at UGA. My mom first saw my dad as he swung in his white boxers with turquoise polka dots from the door facing of his dorm room in O-House and hated his guts (she came around eventually). Our basement walls are coated in deep red sprinkled with black frames and images of Larry Munson screaming about a hob-nailed boot and Herschel Walker rumbling over the Vols. As the hype video we watched at orientation and at DawgCamp said, "it's time to awaken the nation." It's time for me to awaken this campus. Uga IX motivates me. Mark Richt and his faith-inspired coaching motivate me. Ms. Sandra motivates me. My orientation leader Jaimie Gutch motivates me. Lewis Grizzard's legacy motivates me. The Classic City motivates me. Athens is my home, and I want to leave my everlasting footprint at this university.

Trust me, I acknowledge that there are 92,745 other rabid bulldawgs that swoop into Athens on Saturdays in the fall that would each argue that their blood is redder and blacker than mine. What separates me? I can't ride a bike. I wear linen after Labor Day. I will forever believe that "Blurred Lines" is the greatest song I've ever heard. To most, these seem like flaws perhaps. And perhaps they are. But I own them as me. I am unique in that my name is Coleman Hedden, and no one has ever met anyone like me. I've survived a kidney stone. I've hiked 70 miles through the New Mexico desert. I camped outside of the Grand Ole Opry for George Jones' funeral. I can and WILL inspire others. I am passionately unforgettable. I want to shove my face into the wet cement that is the future of the University of Georgia and have that face-hole imprinted for generations of bulldawgs down the road.

  • Work
    • Sigma Kappa House Boy, Writer
  • Education
    • Mass Media Arts & Political Science, University of Georgia '18