Heddy Lunenfeld

Copywriter, Teacher, and Writer in California

Not to be vain, but...

I type 60 words per minute. Make that 61.

I write copy that sells.

I write to the intersection of audience and product.

I can write for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Maniflash, and Stallion.

I am ahead of the curve in the digital landscape. You’ve never heard of Maniflash and Stallion? That's because they haven't been invented yet.

I dabble in Photoshop, Illustrator and Wordpress.

I proofread my texts.

I write (naked) email (hard) subject (her pleasure) lines that people read.

I have ridiculously cool handwriting.

About me:

I am very fond of good type.

I prefer the active voice.

I feel ‘ya’ll’ is a perfectly suitable second-person plural pronoun.

Misuse of the apostrophe ’s’ can make me anxious. Particularly in matters of possessive (its) and contraction (it’s.)

I’ve worked for:

Verizon Wireless

Celebrity Cruises

BASF Fibers

Shaw Carpet

The Air Force Reserve


I was educated at:

Emory University

The Creative Circus

Hyper Island

I have educated at:

The Creative Circus

Miami Ad School

The One Club-Beijing

I'm interested in:

Freelance writing for you.

  • Education
    • Emory University
    • The Creative Circus