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Nursery in Farnham, Surrey, UK

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Address: CGJ Mathias and Son (Nurseries) Black Lake, Tilford,Farnham, Surrey,GU10 2BH

Phone: 01252 714552

https://www.HedgesOnline.com sell a great selection of privacy hedge plants and are experts in most sorts of hedging plants so if you need the best quality hedging plants or any advice on anything to do with hedging plants then just send us an email. We provide types of hedge plants such as Beech, Yew, Photinia, Privet, Hawthorn, Leylandii, Thuya, Hornbeam, Laurel, Box, Pyracantha, Holly and a range of native hedging. And you are of course welcome to visit and see our amazing range of hedging plants at our nursery where you can view the hedge plants like Yew or Thuya at first sight and so get a better picture of what you would like, we have so many delighted customers and are highly regarded as the best hedging seller in Surrey so come and say hello and look at what we could offer. And while we do not provide planting solutions, we can suggest the very best hedge planting services in Surrey which always do an amazing job with our hedging plants like Box or Holly.