Andrey Kiryushkin

To put the long story short, I started learning programming in high school and never stopped.
My dream has always been to build up a great MMORPG, and one day I'll achieve my goal.
In 2002-2006 I used to run a non-commercial Russian MUD called "Хьёрвард" (pronounced "Hiervard").
In 2009 I graduated the Novosibirsk State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Department, Chair of Programming.
Since 2008, I'm a main developer and PM of the Palm Heroes Team. We have an old-school turn-based strategy called Palm Heroes and a nice-looking freeware player for musicians Jukemaster. The next game (Spellcaster) is in production now. Our main market is Apple's Appstore.
As a programmer, I'm skilled with C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, Lua, bash and now learning Ruby. I also have solid understanding of the OOP/OOD principles, architectural approaches and design patterns.
As an administrator, I took care of Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X and Windows boxes.
I'm capable of building up sites using HTML, JS and CSS, but I have no talent in creating design solutions.

Going to become an experienced and confident leader.

I'm interested in software engineering, systems approach, in communication techniques, field of management, applied and general mathematics, physics, spaceflights, sportcars and all kind of cool technical stuff humanity can offer me.

I like good science fiction (Shekley, Lem, Asimov, Dick, Strugatsky brothers, Simak to name a few).