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Bonjour! My Name is Hedi Rhimi. I do cool stuff as creativity consultant at ID CAMPUS where I work for Citius Engineering project. I've a theoritical and a pratical background in Labor Sciences, HR & Accounting and I have worked succesfully as a Strategic Consultant in the household waste recycling sector. As I decided to change the way I interact with the world, I started to get involve in Creativity. So, I restarted school in an Executive Master degree in Co-Creative Innovation.

I spend my days thinking about: World Politics│Music│Lifestyle│Finance│Travel│Social Media.

I can define myself as →Reading Lover→Cosmopolitan→Apple Addict→Idea Catalyst→Community Agitator→Music Lover→Sport Addict.

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  • Work
    • Consulting Entrepreneur , International Trader
  • Education
    • EM Co-Creative Innovation
    • MA Labour sciences
    • BA Accounting