andrew hedlund

Washington state currently

I'm a hopeful adventurer. As long as I can remembered I've always wanted to peer over the neighbor's fence, over the next hill, the next state, the next country, over that horizon. I've chased the horizon for years searching. I've picked up a few things along the way (and left a few behind) have helped me find my place in this crazy thing called 'reality.' I'm a seeker of truth, beauty, purity, joy, fascination and wonder.

I believe one of humanities greatest distinguishing capabilities is our conscience's governing of choice; of choosing between yes and no, to bless or curse, to give life or to take it. More and more I'm overwhelmed with the conviction that the more we give, the more will get so we can give even more! Karma? Universal law of sowing and reaping? What goes around comes around? OH YEAH, all that and more. It's all about giving. Some of the most cherished things I've learned and gained along the way, I hope to share not just my stories, or other peoples stories but my very self, as I've learned that we are the sum total of our stories, experiences, our yes's and no's and our learning to love.

I fished up in Alaska this past summer and saved just enough up for me to embark upon my next adventure. The past month it has been Seattle Washington running, biking, hiking and paddle boarding around with some of my best friends. But alas, anticipation and expectation of the great wide unknown is beckoning me into my next adventure. I'm cycling down the west coast taking the good ole' highway 101 that turns into 1 till southern Cali. What awaits me there? Not sure! I'll tell you when I find out! I'll go till I probably run out of cash. I intend to spread love along the way, talk to some awesome people, connect with the creator in nature, write some ponderful poems, and sing some made up songs on my bike (singing louder the harder it rains).