Hedonism Health & Fitness

Munich - Germany

I am no guru, my academic and professional background is way far from sports and nutrition, but I am endlessly curious, and I am happy to share everything I came to learn in the past year. Not only sports and nutrition, but as part of this amazing generation of modern, versatile and conscious women, I am concerned about body and soul in a whole.

Hedonism health and fitness's intend is to share useful info about sport, nutrition, healthy recipes, not so healthy recipes, fashion and beauty, spiritual and personal development.

I am a foodie, a winelover , a life lover with a genetic pre-disposition to gain weight who hates jogging and spending more than 1 hour at the gym. I eat clean because I want and I hate the word diet.

My favorite meal is Brunch, German style (Germans love a late lazy Sunday breakfast and it grew into me).have cravings and sometimes I give into cravings, I drink wine, and other alcoholic cocktails, I love bread with butter and cheese and I very seldom eat meat.