Heena Shah

Web Developer, Social Media Manager, and digital marketing in Mumbai, India

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I always wanted to do something for the society and contribute through my deeds and actions what I always had on my mind. My parents are my idols and women in various field proved to be one of the best power-puffed sources of my inspiration. I believe in encouraging people and motivating them to never stop dreaming and chase them. Years passed and I found myself swaying around many things at one time.

I came across the birth of internet which raised a curiosity inside me to know more about it. Whenever anything caught my eye through the medium of internet, my curiosity to learn more about it kept on growing. We all know that there are no shortcuts to business but there are many innovative ways to reach your AUDIENCES through your brand. With rising competition businesses strongly feel the urge to get noticed and land on the social media platform through the means of digital marketing across the globe. I started to research more on this topic and I realized that people are not efficiently and effectively using the social media tool to promote their business. People still are drilling into the old knack of push method to reach audiences. That is when I realized my passion for marketing and technology and it helped me earn my own identity with an opportunity to evolve in the field of digitization.

Click n Join, the name itself introduces its identity in the world of technology. It is here with a mission to enhance the value of your Brand and reach out to your customers in today’s modern era of Digital Marketing. Businesses often look out for experts-

1. One who can understand the importance of their brand to sail safely towards its decided destination.

2. One who understand the market dilemma’s and needs,

3. Finally, nail the perfect strategy plan to position or reposition their brand.

I am working at Clicknjoin as an Online marketing agency in Mumbai as a online Strategy designer. Company is here to ease you with your business dilemma’s that you face in and out during routine online barriers. We hunt and chase after the trending online strategies that can help your brand get noticed and makes you win the brand quest.

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