Angela Hefner


My name is Angela and (aka Ramblings of a Gyrl) is my website and I've had an active blog since 1998. You will find posts of my quirky musings and rantings that require more berth than the allotted 160 characters of twitter or the tl;dr of Facebook. In short, I am a film / music / video_game loving geek who loves to write and immerse myself in lots of geeky endeavors on the side. I'm also a nerdy IT professional by day.

Some of my online interests which may have led you to my site are:

Game Addon & UI Develoment – World of Warcraft, Rift

Web Design & Development – osCommerce, WordPress, e107, Drupal, Joomla, Game Portal Design Templates

Forums & Social Media –, Twitter, Facebook, Various Gaming Forums, Various Tech Forums

Writing -, & NaNoWriMo

I am currently working on my first novel and hope to publish it when I am finished.

  • Work
    • IT Professional
  • Education
    • Purdue University