Harlem Egg

Artist in Wisconsin

Harlem Egg

Artist in Wisconsin

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hello my name is harlem egg!

i am extremely anti social!

i only have instagram, skype and fb as communication. don't ask for my skype or fb unless i give it to you.

i've been with my boyfriend deeps since 2-17-15 and i love him very very much! 💞💕

likes - my boyfriend, drawing, jjba, flcl, pokemon, splatoon, acnl, achhd, hatsune miku project mirai dx, dogs, collecting pokemon cards, sanrio, gutetama, coloring, sleeping, not sleeping, stuffed animals, baby blankets, blood, gore/dead things and crying!

music I listen to - any old super mario music, yung lean, tyler the creator, bo en, death cab for cutie, 2 door cinema club, flatsound, teen suicide, vampire weekend, walk the moon, and lots more!

dislikes - talking to strangers, having to repeat myself, talking about my past, myself lol, cats, call of duty series, my parents, my job, upper case letters..basically everyone!

i do have BPD and an anxiety disorder which leads to me having bad panic attacks almost weekly so if one day I'm fine and the next day I don't post or something, that is most likely why! don't blame yourself if i don't reply to you or something!

things to not talk about with me - my past, my home life, any of my ex's and any kind of gross bug!

things i like to talk about - conspiracy theories, aliens, ghosts, anime, animal crossing, my bf and pokemon cards!

don't be afraid to talk to me though, I'm pretty funny tbh and I like hearing about people's life and stuff!

my pronouns are she/her or they/them. I prefer they/them but I don't rly care.

I do refer to myself as a little and my boyfriend as my "daddy" IT IS !!!NOT SEXUAL!!! I simply call him that and act like a 5 year old girl to help with my anxiety/bpd. it is not a sexual fetish. we are in a dd/lg relationship but we are vanilla. please don't mock me or my boyfriend it is our choice to do this and it is to help me with my mental illness.

but yes please say hello or whatever I do like talking about video games and stuff! don't be discouraged to talk to me after reading this!