Kristian Hägglund

This guy was born in 1991, in a small town called Porvoo. As a part time job, he joins the cab-driving community of Porvoo. A job that serves as a great way, to show of his excellent service-mindedness. He now studies Online Media, @ Arcada University of Applied Sciences. In the year of 2007, he got his first degree in Computer Assembly. In 2010, he joined a 1 year Media-tech course in Axxell City. The year included several different courses in After Effects,Photoshop,HTML/CSS,3D-graphics and other media software. In 2012, he applied and successfully joined Arcada. There he now continues to evolve his skills, as the Code-Monkey he genuinely is destined to become. In 2015, he will get his Bachelors Degree in Media, specialising on Online Media.