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San Francisco Law Firm Exclusively Practicing Workers’ Compensation Law There are many law firms in the Bay Area, but there are few that solely practice workers’ compensation law. The Law Office of Daniel Hegwer exclusively represents workers’ compensation victims. This is all we do, and it’s what we know best. Our team will stand by your side through every step of the workers’ compensation claim process. Along the way, we will protect your rights and fight to maximize the benefits awarded to you. We will aggressively negotiate with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company to reach a favorable settlement. But, we will not back down if we are unable to reach a fair settlement during these negotiations. Instead, we will present your case to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and continue fighting for the benefits you deserve. We are not satisfied until you are fully compensated. Representing Injured Workers in Various Industries Our team understands that there are safety hazards hidden in nearly every workplace.

Over the years, we have represented injured workers from a wide variety of industries, including: Construction Warehousing Transportation Health care Hospitality Health and Fitness Manufacturing Schools Offices Agriculture (Farming, forestry, fishing, and more) Wineries It doesn’t matter where you work, how badly you are injured, how much money you make, or what role you fill within the organization. The Law Office of Daniel Hegwer will help anyone who has suffered a work-related injury—no one is left out. You have the right to workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury, and Daniel Hegwer will ensure this right is not violated by your employer or their insurance company. Skilled Attorney With Extensive Legal Experience and Resources Daniel Hegwer has over a decade of legal experience and has been exclusively practicing workers’ compensation law since 2010. His experience allows him to: Connect with clients to learn more about their unique situations, needs, and goals. Understand how insurance companies think, so he can strategize about how to approach them and maneuver through the roadblocks they constantly create.

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