Henry Eichman

Henry lives in Duluth, MN with his wife (aka. supervisor) where they do a lot of toddler wrangling of their three kids.

As an Economist for the US Forest Service, Henry’s job is to inform the public about their connections to resources and opportunities on National Forest System lands. Portraying the social and economic relationships between communities and public land can be described as a complex and often controversial task. When communities depend upon public land they are personally invested in its management. Consequently, the challenge lies in the portrayal of analyses in a way that resonates with the public land values they hold.

Prior to work as an economist Henry studied at Colorado College and worked as a seasonal Biological Technician for state and federal agencies. He began work as an economist for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) after receiving an M.S. in Agriculture and Resource Economics at Oregon State University. After two years with the BLM he started with Forest Service Enterprise TEAMS in 2007. Since joining TEAMS he's worked on over 60 natural resource related projects for various federal agencies across the nation.