Kim Heidebrecht

Southern Maryland, USA

Born in Santa Monica and raised in Huntington Beach, CA, at age 37 I moved across the country to Southern Maryland. I'd fallen in love, and it was easier for me to move east than for her to move west. Although it's the best decision I've ever made, it wasn't really all that easy. I left my family 2,600 miles away, breaking hearts. However, after my other half retires, we'll be moving back home to HB.

When I moved I also left 30 or so of my best friends, the members of a community chorus I'd spent seven years with. After I moved, music took a very long nap. It has recently awakened, leading me to refresh my skills with new voice and guitar lessons and to join a new chorus. Life is good, and full of good music.

Life will be even better in just a few years. Until then, I'll keep on truckin'.

  • Work
    • clerical
  • Education
    • high school