Heidi Heikkila

Digital Marketing & Communications Professional in Helsinki, Suomi

Hello, I’m Heidi.

I'm Marketing and Communications Professional and Digital Marketing Enthusiast focusing on content marketing, online media and social media marketing and communications.

I know trends on digital marketing and communications and I'm always eager to learn new things. I'm passionate about delivering content that's contextually relevant, measuring results and analyzing causes and consequences. Creativity combined with result-oriented mindset is the key to success.

Currently I am looking for new opportunities starting from February 2017. I’ve gained experience on designing and creating content for example on websites including blog posts and customer cases. I’m familiar with producing email marketing messages and campaigns and have skills and abilities on Social Media Marketing & Communications, Google AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics and Conversion Optimization.

My key interests are:
- content design and production
- digital marketing and communications
- inbound marketing & marketing automation
- social media
- search engine optimizing (SEO)
- search engine marketing (SEM)
- corporate communications

My open, positive can-do attitude and self-motivation get several assignments done in time. I'm used to work independently, take initiatives and I’m good in coordinating and adapting to new, ever-changing situations.

Also my accurate and detailed, yet holistic approach on things tends to turn into good design management bringing added-value to customers and generating leads. I'm fascinated by creating great customer experiences; how professional people in co-operation work together to achieve a common goal. I'm a true team player and people person to the max. I enjoy being connected with people and love to work in an encouraging environment.