Heidi Lane

United States

She is always in a state of greater becoming. She risks everything for love. Like the mysterious moon, she dances with the cycles of shadow and light. She is the Moon Goddess Rising.

I grew up a hippy kid loving nature, beauty and creation. But in my 20's I lost sight of everything I held dear. I got caught up in the machine. On my journey of truth, love and self-discovery, I rekindled my love of nature and the wonderful sacred offerings that Mother Earth provides. I fell madly in love all over again with the Living God and God's sublime beauty. I started listening to the whispers of my soul and I learned to trust myself. I am a Mystic anointed in Christ, an Alchemist, an Ordained Minister, a Crystal Healer, a Spiritual Intuitive, a Teacher, an Artist a Mother and the Moon Goddess Rising. I honor all religious and spiritual thought as I believe all paths of love lead us to God. I surrendered myself on the altar of love and God revealed Himself to me as the Living God, my Beloved. It is through my surrender that I found my divine truth and my gentle power, my gifts, my inner Goddess. I am a spiritual intuitive that works in the Angelic and Spiritual Realm. I am guided by the Holy Spirit and have a deep connection to crystals and an even deeper love for my brothers and sisters that has given me the Gift to lovingly Empower, Bless, Transform and Heal. Crystal Healing is an ancient, time honored tradition that magnetizes the Power of Prayer and Divine Healing Energy. For centuries people have joined with nature in order to connect with Angels and the Eternal Wisdom of Heaven. Deep within the heart there is a place that has no knowledge of duality or separation. This sacred altar is our "Heart of Hearts" and knows only love. May we each unlock the mysteries held deep within our heart and return to love. May we each find our "Heart of Hearts" and remember our divinity as the light of the world. Join me in answering the ancient call of love and find your inner Goddess too. In loving service, Heidi