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Recommended frequency of visits - two to three times a week. Basic movements of aerobics are hands and feet. Initially, newcomers work out the individual elements of exercise, and gradually these exercises add up to a unified system of movements. Aerobics can be practiced in the gym and at home. But it is recommended that you like to classes at the gym, and then later, when people will be able to work out their own motion, when to learn how to do certain exercises, you can move back home.

Training takes place in three phases: warm-up, the main part of the course, stretching. Before starting the course, to do warm-up exercises. As is known, in the warm-up exercises prepare the body for further movements loads. This news is resource by: Joey Atlas Scam

When the workout is done, you can proceed to the main part of the workout. The main part involves vigorous flapping his arms and legs and learn to put the blocks down, at the same time to breathe and to watch for coordination. In the classroom trainer teaches you how to breathe properly, how effective exercises promote weight loss, as they rightly say that aerobics is most effective on the part of the respiratory system and get rid of excess weight. It is known that an hour workout, you can burn up to one thousand calories. The final stage of aerobic stretching or stretching. It is a stretching exercises muscles that are useful for people at any age and in any physical fitness.

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