heidi bayani

Photographer in Metro Manila, Philippines

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i am one lego piece --

consider me prison of variety and energy, i kill boredom. i am a (mis)communication stud in a noctunal life. an out-of-rhythm dancer. a huge fan of spontaneity. a part-time lover, and a full-time friend.

time has always been a lannister, can't befriend them, i spend most of it on visions, snap shots or motions. i pretty much want to be the daenerys of myself and train my own dragons of thoughts.

i am fueled by words, (un)written or (un)spoken. i am a xerox of random films, music, arts and people i fancy. i like people how i like my gelato, cool and sweet.

do you have complete set of teeth? it's okay, if you don't, smile has always been free.

-- let's see what we can build

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