Heidi Bledsoe

Writer and Mother in Seattle, Washington

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My name is Heidi Bledsoe, and I’m an “attention surplus” stay-at-home mom who does her best to navigate life’s crazy adventures with her “attention deficit” ADHD family.

I’m married to Nathan, a larger than life personality who has untreated ADHD, is salesman by day, and a comedian at night.

My three outgoing, loud, funny creative kids are my life. Two of my kids (one son and one daughter) have ADHD. My youngest daughter does not have ADHD, and she’s the one I turn to when I need someone to remember to turn off the stove. Whenever I can, I share my attention surplus with attention deficit kids, and drive them crazy with lists, post it notes, and repeated talking.

I never thought I’d blog about ADHD. But whenever I talked with other attention deficit families, I found they weren’t necessarily looking for miracle answers, but confirmation they weren’t crazy saying, “put your shoes on, put your shoes on, put your shoes on” twenty times.

Granted, most of the time I’m talking to moms about their sons, but it’s been reassuring for others to hear about my daughter’s struggles and how they differ from my sons, or to hear about my husband. Once again, confirmation their own son will grow up one day, have a job, family and be able to put his own shoes on.

ADHD has been a roller coaster of a ride. It’s confusing, frustrating, exhaustive, irritating, funny, and creative, loving, hyper, and exciting. (I’m sure I’m leaving out a few adjectives… but you get the point.) Over the last eight years I’ve learned a lot, but I’m in no way an expert. All I have are my stories, which will hopefully resonate, bring solace, confirmation, or just a good laugh.

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