Heidi Gubala


Heidi Gubala has been a Licensed Cosmetologist since 1984. From 2009 to the present, Heidi has been teaching Cosmetology as a Vocational Unisex Hairstyling Teacher at BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, MA. Utilizing all her knowledge and skills, Ms. Gubala has successfully proven herself to be a highly talented and trustworthy Cosmetology Instructor. She obtained a Certification at Fitchburg State College and the University of Massachusetts in 1999. Heidi Gubala is happy to have witnessed a special achievement that few teachers are able to enjoy in their lifetimes: 100% of her students who took the State Board Cosmetology Exam passed.

Heidi Gubala is an employee of the Fall River Public Schools System. Heidi and her senior students at BMC Durfee High School work together to ensure that the younger ones in the program can learn more customer service and professional communication skills. She helps the learners acquire salon services skills that include: braiding; waxing; facial; permanent wave; hair color; highlights; haircut; shampoo, cut and style; OSHA certification; shampoo and set; shampoo and blow dry. Heidi is endlessly fascinated with being able to help students in the program learn the needed skills to build a firm reputation in the salon services industry using highly-developed professional services skills.

As a Cosmetology Instructor, Heidi Gubala sees to it that the quality of Cosmetology Education at BMC Durfee High School stays consistently premium. She oversees her students’ work to ensure they are beyond reproach. She instructs them on various areas of the beauty sector, which include: nail and skin care; most contemporary hair styles; cutting techniques; professionalism and communication skills; various chemical services; safety and various other concerns that come with being in the industry.

Heidi Gubala believes that her students’ continued success in their endeavors in the beauty sector serves as an affirmation of her sincere love for what she does.