Heidi Herrera

Hi, I'm Heidi. :) I'm a photographer, artist, avid home cook, wife, and momma to four beautiful girls. I love food just about as much as I love photography. So, I try to put the two together as often as possible and share them on my blog. When I'm not making and photographing food, you can find me photographing my girls and the fun we have doing everyay things, and, yep, you guess it, they also show up on my blog.

On very special occasions I get to photograph other people's beautiful children, or a couple who are about to get married, or have a baby. To me, there truly is nothing better than capturing these beautiful moments for them. Knowing that I've been able to give them something to look back on and share with their friends and family for the rest of their lives is amazing to me. It's an added bonus for me that I love the process from start to finish. From meeting the couple or family, finding out what makes them stand out and allowing that to shine in the photo shoot, to processing and sharing our great adventure. It's a super fun job and, well, I kinda love it!