Heidi Howell

San Francisco, California, United States

Heidi Howell wasborn and raised in the heart of Germany. She excelled academically at the Gesamt Hochschule Kassel, where she received her BA in Social Work and Political Science in 1977, following with the completion of her Master's degree in Social Work in 1980. In 1982, Heidi furthered her education by attending school for hotel management. Upon graduation, Heidi took to traveling where she found and fell in-love with the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Once making San Francisco her permanent residence, Heidi made her first steps with her growing interests in the Real Estate world of San Francisco. She worked as an escrow manager for Rimma Realty company of Keller Williams San Francisco. During her two years with Rimma Realty, Heidi mastered not only her tasks in Real Estate, but how to raise a family in the city and remain in close ties with her European foundations.

In 2004, Heidi became a vital member of the team at Gomez and Patton Real Estate. Beginning as both the escrow and office manager, Heidi worked closely with Stephen Gomez and Stephen Patton, two exceptional experts of San Francisco real estate. Heidi quickly became the Broker's assistant, and soon after an accomplished licensed realtor.

Since attaining her real estate license, Heidi has found much success in bringing her European ties and diverse education into her daily work. She has used her drive and ambition to be an active participant in her community, as well as nourishing family values. Her ability to work with a goal-oriented mindset, has left her with nothing shy of perfectly satisfied customers. Heidi provides professional and accurate work, whilst understanding and connecting personally, with each and every client. As her German mother would say, "Fang erst gar nicht an, es sei denn Du hast for, es perfekt zu be-enden” " Don’t even start, unless you plan on finishing with perfection”.

  • Education
    • MBA in Social Work