Jane Jaeger

I'm dabbling in this Facebook jazz since it's a way to learn before my child becomes a teenager in less than 5 short years from now = D. Some of her friends already have Facebook accounts. I have told her the only way I will consider it is if we always work on it together, so she can learn while I'm with her. I want to find out from the parents who do allow children to have pages at this age why they decided to permit them to do so. If it is to teach them on-line responsibility and encourage creativity, all while under adult supervision, it seems to make sense. Following is a bio: a National Board Certified Teacher with her Principal's license in her 20th year of teaching public school students. She has also presented workshops for educators ranging from student teachers to assistant superintendents and curriculum directors. She has taught group fitness classes for more than ten years ranging from Spinning to Bosu to PowerPump classes. Her lifelong professional dream has been to serve our state and the educational community. She enjoys inspiring methods of motivating others for success. Following are some of her previous teaching experiences: National Board Certification, Permanent Certification in Social Studies and Special Education, experience teaching a wide range of students from teaching ten inclusion students in a class of thirty-five to teaching Advanced Placement history, mentoring new teachers, Pathwise trained, Praxis III Assessor of new teachers, LPDC secretary with more than ten years experience in advising teachers on their license and certificate requirements, Schoolnet certified, presenting Best Practices at conferences such as Interdisciplinary Curriculum Dev., Inclusion strategies, Internet lesson plans, and work with Performance Assessment rubrics, etc. She was a Miami University Scholar-Leader and published on campus, The Mood of Miami: Interpretations Amid the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement as part of her Senior Honors Project merging the fields of education, political science, and history. She enjoyed working with the Office of MR/DD facilities and programs as a Governor’s Honors Intern, being in Mortar Board, Spers Campus Tours Chair, and Phi Beta Kappa. She was featured in the book, Cybergrrl: A Woman’s Guide to the World Wide Web, as well as newspaper and magazine articles. Please see her resume and/or template of services for more details on workshops she has prepared & presented.