Heidi Boisvert

Heidi Boisvert is a new media artist, game designer, experimental filmmaker, writer and educator. She was formerly the Multi-Media Director at Breakthrough, where she oversaw the production of a wide range of new media projects that helped raise awareness of pressing social issues. She designed the first 3D social change game, ICED I Can End Deportation, about unfair U.S. immigration policies. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Heidi taught Digital Media & Media Studies at Hunter College, and launched a free digital media program for low-income youth through Time Warner & NOAA funding. Her latest initiative, America 2049, an alternative reality game on Facebook about pluralism is garnering headline attention. Most recently, Heidi founded and serves as the Creative Director of the futurePerfect lab, a boutique creative agency that works with non-profits and educational institutions to develop imaginative and playful applications of integrated media and emerging technology. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Electronic Arts program at RPI.