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Sensory Marketing, Branding, Events in the United States

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Though We Live In A Digital Era, The Future Is Still About Live. Experiential. Offline. Face-To-Face. Multi-Sensory Experiences. Interactive brand events and activations help people experience their world – through their senses (sight, sound, smell, touch-temperature, taste, feeling - vibe). We are living in a multisensory world. Combining senses in complementary ways can deepen the emotional connection with the consumer, evoking a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Live experiences are more memorable and engaging when brands incorporate a multi-sensory approach. The aim of a sensory led approach is a seamless consumer experience across all touch points. Sensory marketing is about engaging the senses of a consumer to impact their perception of your brand and then influence their behavior.

With more than 25 years of experience as a Sensory Marketing and Experiential / Event production executive across the EMEA region, Japan and Mexico, my expertise is in developing and implementing strategies that promote engagement, awareness and action. I've held senior positions in corporate and agency environments, working with Fortune 500 companies, and government entities around the world. I now lead Xperience’s capabilities around Sensory Marketing. My experience has shown that engagement agencies like Xperience can offer “Multi-Sensory Journeys” that go beyond simple communication between a brand and its audiences. With a focus on the science of “embodied cognition”, I seek to have Xperience elevate the consumer experience beyond consciousness, to ultimately deliver events that connect with people on a deeper level. Brands need partners that can build and share memorable narratives with diverse audiences around the world.

Sense-Based Marketing, Multisensory Experiences and Experiential Event Production @HeidiKarlsson

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