Heidi Karlsson

Health and Wellness Coach in the United States

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Heidi Karlsson, M.A., Health and Wellness Coach, Outdoor Enthusiast

Health and Wellness professional successful at creating, implementing, and managing wellness initiatives through coaching, promotion, innovative programming, social media, and marketing around the wellbeing industry.

Heidi provides health coaching designed for all levels of ability. The programs combine wellness, fitness, nutrition and natural beauty to create lifestyle-changing adventures. A former cross-cultural trainer with experience in over 30 nations, having lived/worked in 7 countries, Heidi is culturally competent, understanding the needs of diverse populations.

Founder, Expat Health Coach, offering remote coaching for Expatriates, Road Warriors, Digital Nomads. Specializing in knowing cultural health practices, values and beliefs.

Executive Editor of optoutdoorsy.com, a be-well blog focusing on a balanced holistic lifestyle and reconnecting with nature through mindful outdoor activities. This blog explores how the intersection of being outdoorsy, mindfulness and just moving affect wellbeing.

Certified in Health Promotion and Coaching Healthy Behaviors, Masters in Cultural Conflict Resolution Studies.

Specialties: Health Wellness/Strategic Planning/Health Promotion/Integrative Wellness/Blog Management/Communications/Email Marketing/Event Planning/Culture/Managing Teams/Project Management/Content Creation/Education/Adventures/Outdoors/Mindfulness/Stress Reduction MBSR/Hiking/Golf/Tennis/Paddleboard/Kayaking/Snorkeling/Skiing/Sailing/Yoga/Pilates

Heidi has devoted a major part of her independent research activities to investigating the positive effects of reconnecting people with nature. She has embarked upon a therapeutic journey concentrating on nature, healthcare and wellness developing guidelines for nature in a healthcare environment. Helping to strengthen physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in a balanced harmonious relationship with the natural environment.

  • Work
    • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Education
    • Master of Arts
    • Southern Methodist University