Heidi Simmons

Cordoba Argentina

I live in optimism and opportunity. I am simultaneously timid and undaunted in the face of change. I long to make even the most incremental change in the world around me. I hope to live without regret, to feel proud of my choices, to be present. I am a caregiver, an amateur triathlete, an aspiring chef, a friend. I love the feeling of wind tickling my face while I run. The most wonderful feeling is hearing words of appreciation from someone you'd least expect. I find inspiration in the sounds of life happening all around me - a bird singing in the park, a child laughing with his mother, a barista chiming your favorite order, the smell of fresh prodcue in the market. "What if I fall?" "O but my darling, what if you fly!"

  • Work
    • St. David's South Austin Medical Center
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin