Wayne Heim

Artist, Photographer, and Medical Illustrator in Chesterland, Ohio

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I’m a medical illustrator with 25+ years experience in Chesterland, Ohio. Here is a bit more about me:

Certified Medical Illustrator Wayne Heim is a graduate of the 5 year, Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Unique to the CIA training, students study fine art and their chosen major. Art classes include, design, painting, life drawing, art history, writing, and photography. These fine art principles taught the art of storytelling and created the foundation for Wayne’s medical illustration training. His rigorous medical illustration training included classes like graduate-level anatomy through Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Courses like: gross anatomy, biology, physiology, embryology, neurology, histology, and pathology.

Wayne also spent part of his undergraduate time studying graduate level surgery and illustration techniques at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG).

After receiving his BFA degree, Wayne worked as a medical illustrator for a Cleveland hospital and a local medical-legal company. Additionally, he gained valuable experience in design, marketing, and advertising while working as the senior illustrator/designer for an advertising agency. Today, Wayne runs a successful medical illustration business.


He produces artwork for an ever growing variety of product manufacturers, publishers, physicians, museums and corporations.

Wayne’s skills include traditional media including pen & ink, watercolor and air-brush. Mastering traditional techniques is just one of the keys to successfully reproduce these techniques digitally; allowing them to transform into a cohesive digital style.

Focused these days on digital techniques, Wayne is an accomplished digital illustrator; fully versed in creating vector and raster illustrations. He utilizes a host of applications to produce stunning visualizations for the web, print and animation. These applications include: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, Keyshot, Poser, Zbrush, among others.

Though specializing over the last 10 years in orthopedic illustration where he produced thousands of images relating to spine, hip and knee surgeries and conditions, Wayne's knowledge and experience covers a full range of medical, biological and scientific subjects.

Wayne Heim maintains his status as an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), is Board Certified and has received the rank of "fellow" from the association for his service.

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