Heinz Wegener

Web Developer in Marietta, Georgia

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I'm a web developer specializing in the Drupal content management framework. Being a Drupal guru requires expertise in PHP, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, and MySQL, as well as intricate knowledge of Drupal APIs and best practices. To be clear, I am not a web designer. I leave that subjective mumbo jumbo (i.e. designing) for actual designers. No, I develop websites, which means I make the designer's vision a reality on the web using magical lines of plain text (aka code)... and I love it. With all due respect to designers, in the end, I do most of the work and tend to get little of the credit. But I'm used to that... I'm also a drummer.

I've been developing sites since around 1998. My formal training was in electrical engineering by way of Georgia Tech (B-EE 1994). Electrical engineering was very math-heavy in school, and I loved that. Turned out that the real-world applications were kind of boring. I was not having fun. But around 1998 that all changed. I developed (no pun intended) a great passion for web development and design and any web technologies. I dedicated my free time to learning everything I could about creating excellent websites. Eventually, it paid off.

After great efforts to grab any web project that I could get my hands on, I managed to change careers, officially, in 2007 when I became the first employee at a startup web company named Mediacurrent. They were kind enough to take a chance on me, and I was motivated enough to take a chance on them. In the end, it all worked out for good. Mediacurrent very soon decided to focus solely on developing with Drupal, a now popular content management system, and has grown to be a big player on the Drupal development scene. In 2010, I started my own Drupal development firm, Element 31, and I have not looked back.

I have 3 boys. I also enjoy building and collecting LEGOs.

"To do a common thing, uncommonly well, brings success." Henry John Heinz

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    • Georgia Institute of Technology