HEI Resources

HEI Resources, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, facilitates oil, gas, and mining projects for an elite group of joint venture partners. Working with a range of sophisticated partners, the company constantly researches new, economically viable prospects in a wide array of geographical locations. Serving as a manager for these joint ventures, HEI Resources acts at the request of partners, who determine independently whether to participate and how to direct the venture.

HEI Resources encourages individuals considering partnerships in the oil, gas, or mining industries to evaluate all available information and conduct additional due diligence if they feel the need. As part of a service to its prospective partners, HEI Resources provides access to a network of industry experts who are qualified to evaluate various aspects of joint venture prospects and provide useful information to prospective partners.

With close ties to Colorado, HEI Resources supports a number of non-profit organizations in Colorado Springs and elsewhere. These include Kids on Bikes, Rocky Mountain Kids, Outreachers, and America for Gold. As a primary sponsor of the latter organization, HEI Resources provides funding to aspiring American Olympic athletes who need assistance covering their costs during training. Through Outreachers, which was founded by HEI Resources President and CEO Charles Reed Cagle, HEI helps children living in difficult circumstances in Guatemala and Colorado Springs. As part of its efforts to support the organization, the company sponsors the annual Outreachers "Chip In" Gold Tournament, which will be held on September 17th this year. For more information on how to contribute to Outreachers, either directly or through participation in the golf tournament, please visit www.outreachers.com.