Student in Chicago, Illinois


Student in Chicago, Illinois

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💕hey, i'm @heirspray/maddie💕

▫️ i am 16 years old and my birthday is january 14!

▫️ i am panromantic asexual

▫️ i am a demigirl and go by she/her or they/them pronouns (in no particular order)

▫️ grey (@pshwsh) is my datemate!

▫️ i live in the chicagoland area and go to several conventions in the area, including c2e2, acen, amw, and c+a+d! if you are going to any of them i'd love to meet up with you so just message me and i'd be more than happy to

▫️ my interests include drawing, cosplaying, and not much more tbh

▫️ my accounts are @mangawolfhatena (art acc), @heirspray (spam), @chaoticrystals (vent, only accepting a few), goshdarnmemer (nsfw, only accepting very few) @maddiethecolorqueen (personal, only accepting very few)

▫️ i also have several tumblr blogs by the same names other than the last one (heirspray is my main, chaoticrystals is my aesthetic, and mangawolfhatena is my art- though it's rarely used, and irl-tsumiki-mikans for vent- if you want access to that blog [it is password protected] please dm me)

▫️ im very short only 5'2" rip me

▫️ i kin/id with a few characters and i appreciate being tagged as my id's but if someone else kins with that character and wants the tag feel free to give them the tag- i id with:

▪️ tsumiki mikan (sdr2)

▪️ rainbow quartz (steven universe)

▪️ yaku morisuke (haikyuu!!)

▪️pyrrha nikos (rwby)

▪️angelica schuyler (hamilton: an american musical [please don't take it as the actual person, just the character portrayal in the musical])

▫️uhh thats pretty much it i won't be super strict on who follows me so you don't have to dm me but if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc. please don't follow me

▫️ this bio is temporary! i plan to make a tumblr byf that is much more comprehensive and has more sections.