Heith Doyle

Virginia Beach

My story began in Madison, WI in 1973 when I was born. I lived in WI for 22 years where I found that the activities I grew to like most were fishing (football was second). I spent countless hours fishing with my friends, but the most memorable times fishing were with my father.

Moving on to 1995, I had made the decision that I wanted to travel and see the world. So I figured that the military would help me, so I walked into the Army recruiting office, signed up and my life truly began. After basic training and A.I.T, I was shipped to Germany and low and behold fell in love had a wonderful child that I love more than life itself and lived there for almost 8 years. I have since been back in the US for 10 years however I go back to Germany at least once a year because I have made many friends there and my daughter resides there now with her mother.

Since being back from Europe, I have went back to school and graduated from college with a Marketing degree and have been in the vacation industry since 2004. I have for several years now been running medium to large sales departments for resort groups throughout the country. As a Sales Director, I recruit, hire, train, mentor, discipline, manage and motivate my team. The largest team I led was upwards of 40+ and smallest was 8. As well the largest gross revenue produced annual was $26 million.

Today, I currently reside in Virginia Beach where I am a Director of Sales for VSA Resorts and I own and operate a couple web based businesses as well. I recently found that I have reached a point in my life where I am ready for a career change (from vacation sales). My goal is to find a company that I can settle down with and grow roots. I am willing to relocate as well, preferably south however I am open to anything. My true preference is to be close to a International airport so i can easily travel back and forth to Germany to visit my daughter and will ALWAYS consider a job where it gets me closer to my daughter in Germany.

  • Work
    • Director of Sales
  • Education
    • Sales and Marketing degree