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Hektor Konomi belongs to Wellington, New Zealand. Hektor Konomi was born on 29th of September, 1976. His father was an accountant in a private company. His mother was a housewife. Hektor Konomi had keen interest from the starting of his school days. Hektor Konomi completed his primary education from Lower Hutt city. He attended music classes during his school days, as he was fond of musical instruments and singing. For higher education, Hektor Konomi went to Wellington University. He graduated in computer science in 1998. After completing graduation, Hektor Konomi completed Master of Business Administration in Marketing & HR. He completed MBA in 2002. Hektor Konomi participated in many cultural and social activities during his studies and won many awards for his precious and useful contribution. Hektor Konomi was appointed by an export and import company in 2003 as an assistant marketing manager on account of his knowledge and marketing skills. Hektor Konomi worked as an assistant marketing manager till 2006. In 2006, he switched the job and joined another company as a marketing manager. At present, Hektor Konomi is working as a senior marketing manager. Hektor Konomi likes reading news papers, novels and poetry. He likes horse riding, photography, listening to music, watching movies and traveling. Hektor Konomi is fond of playing Casio. Hektor Konomi has joined about.me to improve his social visibility.

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