Helen Childs

My name is Helen Childs; I'm 23 years old and from Merthyr Tydfil,in Wales, (sorry for the X-factor introduction). I graduated in 2010 from Cardiff University with a degree in History. I wasn't really sure what to do next. The recession and lack of jobs didn't really afford a graduate of history the great prospects promised when embarking on our 3 year courses. Sadly this is the way of the world and I made lemonade from the lemons that were pelted at me. At 21 years old I moved to China on my own and became a foreign language teacher. What was supposed to be a six month trip turned into two years, that time was spent teaching, studying at a Chinese university and travelling. I have always been very fortunate, I was lucky enough to travel a lot in my childhood;I was always interested in new and exciting places and their history and culture. The opportunities I had to travel during university and my time in China really showed me how much I loved to travel. I am about to embark on my latest adventure which will have stops in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. I then hope to work in the tours department of a cruise liner which will allow me to work and travel. In the next few years I aim to visit South East Asia, Mexico and South America, spending that time travelling, volunteering, writing and hopefully learning as much as I can. I'm still not entirely sure where or when I will settle down, but it won't be anytime soon and when I do I will have some great experiences to share.