Helen Mays

New Zealand

Hi there. I'm an environmentally conscious creative sort and love to design stuff and make things. I also work with words and pictures. I have designed several products out of cardboard that have universal application.. www.disbin.com

Women are everywhere.. have you noticed? lol I have designed a disposable sanitary bin from recycled cardboard. I send them all over New Zealand and into Australia. I'd love to find agents all over the world so more women could appreciate the privacy and discretion of having a low cost, eco-friendly sanitary bin in their bathroom at work or home. No service contracts required as the business owner, cleaner or housekeeper installs and removes them. I've heard of people getting amazing connections and success from using Twitter. So I'll give it a go!

  • Work
    • writer, designer, home-stager
  • Education
    • occupational therapy, radio copywriter, features writer, TV presenter