Helen Bobis


I am passionate about clear and concise informative content and all things digital. I enjoy to capture, edit or author digital content.

With the help of DITA, DTD, META data, SGML, XML and HTML, mass volume of content can be managed today using software tools.

Being curious about new technologies and wanting to express my creativity, I ventured beyond the technical text, to the visual world of photography and Photoshop CS6.

Digital art comes in many pixels, file sizes, formats and resolutions; to enhance your digital image you learn about editing softwares and plug-ins. Content can be stored in different databases, using various platforms, one size doesn't fit all.

Along with images, words also kept dancing in my head and those words spilled out as my poetry. My creative energy has found its way to the super high way (Internet), and now I look both ways.

When your words and imagines collide you begin to see your own "personal branding" .