Helen Hennessy

Clontibret, Co.Monaghan

Hey. Im Helen. I have a lovely family and have a fun life. I love learning, new challenges, ventures and meeting interesting people. I like to spend time around optimistic people who are positive in their outlook and embrace new opportunities. I like to try new activities and visit new places which are a little bit different. I believe in staying busy, being objective and open minded to all cultures and creeds.

Professionally, I take pride with the work I am involved in and like tasks to be organised well. I focus and complete tasks to the best of my ability. I like my work to be presented well and like to be involved with the management of projects.

Likes: Kids, animals, interesting people.

Dislikes: rudeness, loudness, laziness and lack of respect.

  • Work
    • Office Manager
  • Education
    • BA in Business Management