Helen Hipwell

I was born in the Uk and moved to Ireland age 5. When I was 20 years old I went to Australia and worked in sales & marketing in IT companies, dabbled in investments, became a business developer working as a consultant to increase revenue for businesses and start ups In 2011, I became a Aussie Citizen. I spent a total of 7 years there and moved back to Dublin, via The Netherlands in August 2013, enrolled in Ballsbride College to study Auctioneering/ Estate Agency/valuations law, economics, Internet, business etc. I have studied extensively! Both in College and with work. I worked in a Law offices and did temp assignments for various organisations, such a commercial pension funds, investment, etc.

I have lived in Ireland, UK (twice), Australian (3 times) and The Netherlands. I travelled in the USA, Europe, America, Asia, Asia PAC, worded in the Nordic region, Nokia, etc. Unfortunately I have yet to visit Canada.

I am begining training as a helicopter pilot, had training as a fix wing pilot, drove a F3 car, I have been rock climbing, won under 18 drafts competition at 10 (beating a 18 year old males!), have won many awards and trained in acupuncture (alternative medicine).

ROC Vam Amsterdam etc