Helena Martin

Astoria, NY

Hi! My name's Helena (huh-LAY-nuh), and I'm a musician and a freelance digital marketing consultant in New York City. I'm also a pragmatic idealist, a pajama pant connoisseur, a lover of both reading and writing, and a very poor (but very enthusiastic) visual artist. I've written a draft of a young adult novel (during NaNoWriMo 2011), which I will polish and publish someday, and I front a piano rock trio based in Queens.

I secretly hate digital marketing, which is why I'm good at it; I advise small businesses on how to be true to their voice and their brand identity in order to keep themselves top-of-mind without annoying, using, or abusing their customers. Hopefully, in my small way, I'm influencing the digital marketing world to be a little less abrasive.

Photo by Nathan West.

  • Education
    • Eugene Lang College
    • New School University