Helena Bowkun

Helena Bowkun

"...the only romantic episode in the whole evening was the spectacle of pianist Helena Bowkun passionately involved in five of Rachmaninov's Etudes-Tableaux, for the very essence of musical romanticism is an artist alone on a stage. And these works come right from the heart of the Bowkun repertoire. She plays them so intimately, they might well be her personal expression as well as Rachmaninov's." Ron Hambleton/Toronto Star

"...it was no. 5 in E flat minor that impressed me as the highlight of the lot and also the one that offered the evening's most authentic burst of romanticism. In her technically assured (but unself-conscious) performance, she brought to life the sort of lyrical drama that is associated with the popular music of Rachmaninoff." John Kraglund/Toronto Globe & Mail

"...A great pianist, a beautiful concert...Another aspect of Bowkun's pianism, evident from the intelligence and polish exhibited is that she offers something with a powerful attractiveness and seduction all its own and not just a performance that is "rubber-stamped". Corriere della Sera, Rome, Italy

"...Bowkun is certainly capable of the demands of the music and shows much power in her small frame. Yet it is in the reflective sections that she excels, even though she also possesses digital dexterity. Thus it was those lyrical moments in Debussy's "L'Isle Joyeuse", Ravel's "Gaspard de la Nuit", which were more memorable...Bowkun is so innately musical that she can say something really special with each repeated note." Gaynor Jones/Toronto Star

"...without a doubt certainly one of the best Canadian pianists" Philippe Entremont

"...a firm technique and promising musical instincts... a real success... it would be nice to hear her again... Bernard Holland/New York Times