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Who am I?

I'm Helen Anne Gregory. I was born in Bradford and am a proud Yorkshire Lass. I am married to Andrew who is from Bolton and so that is where we are now settled. I am a bit of a mad cat lady and I'm also a trained opera singer! (Yes, technically you could book me to sing at your wedding as well as to photograph it but who would take the pictures of me singing?)

What got you in to Photography?

I have always loved photographs, since being a child but I didn't come to photography until I met my husband Andy back in 2001. We set out taking pictures with some old Praktica film SLR cameras that belonged to Andy's grandfather. We were soon hooked and spent most weekends heading out on photography trips to local beauty spots and then eagerly waiting for our films to be processed. Andy preferred landscape photography but for me it was all about photographing people. I realised that I loved to take really natural un-posed photos of people that captured them unawares and full of life.

What is your style of Photography?

I've always been drawn to lifestyle imagery I was particularly inspired by the likes of Annabel Williams. As you develop as an artist you soon develop your own style and now I'd say my portraiture takes influences from different styles. I love bold colours and natural light but I have learnt that being able to use available light in combination with off camera flash lighting while on location can produce some stunning images. When I shoot at weddings I love to be the fly on the wall taking documentary style images of the day but I always arrive with some great ideas for some editorial style portraits so that the bride and groom come away with photos that are both stunning and memorable. Whoever I am photographing, I like to take great inspiration from the people i'm photographing. I love to spend time getting to know my customers so I feel I can truely capture something of their character and personality so a shoot is always a collaboration so I need to adapt my style to the needs of the shoot. When I do headshot photographs for actors and musicians/singers, I approach the shoot as a fellow performing artist who knows what the industry trends are and I know what a casting panel is looking for.

What's in my kit bag?

When it comes to my camera, I recently moved away from shooting with an SLR and have moved to a Fuji X series X Pro-1 digital rangefinder style camera and lens syst

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