Helena Nyman

Consultant in Virginia

Helena Nyman

Consultant in Virginia

Helena is the President and Founder of Nyman Consulting International and the Executive Center of Excellence, as well as a Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author.

She has worked with Leaders (the top 1% in sports, politics, and businesses) from 45 countries in North & South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, including Royalty and the President of a European Nation.

Her Executive Consulting Firm is specializing in Leadership and Executive Development & Alignment, and High Performance Culture.

Fewer than 3% of organizations operate at their peak. This means that 97% of all companies lack an internal culture in which structures, processes, practices and resource allocations are optimized for delivering their value proposition.

As a former Coach for Olympic Athletes, she knows what it takes to create a winning mindset and mental toughness to push through barriers and to lead today’s organizations in the fast-paced, constantly changing global business environment.

She aligns Leadership Teams, helps them create a bold and compelling Strategic Vision, and prepares Leaders:

• To influence & engage their teams to charge towards their company’s vision

• To thrive during a culture change & inspire their teams to function at peak performance

• To identify the brightest minds to help them exceed with critical global consumer demands

• To excel & make bold decisions so that their competitors become irrelevant

•To tear down silos & create an environment of collaboration, high performance & innovation

Helena serves currently on the Advisory Board of the International Business Council

In 2009, she received the Global Artemis Award and was introduced to the Women’s Hall of Fame. 2013 she received the National Academy for Bestselling Authors Award in Hollywood. 2015 International Bestselling Author.