Helena Stefan

Rockville, Md

A licensed acupuncturist in the state of Maryland, Helena Stefan founded and owns the Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic as well as Rockville Esthetic Services. Before establishing herself as a leading acupuncturist in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC, Helena Stefan earned her license and a master of acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland.

In addition to her formal training, Ms. Stefan also studied traditional medicine in Russia. She has undertaken graduate-level training in advanced acupuncture applications, including the Eight Principles, pain management, women’s health and fertility, addiction recovery, and weight loss. She also consults with clients on a range of health-management topics, including herbal and nutritional medicine, allergy management, and classical and physiological homeopathy.

Aside from her practice focusing on acupuncture and holistic medicine, Helena Stefan also provides a range of natural non invasive procedures at Rockville Esthetic Services. Her in-office capabilities include Micro Current Facial Sculpting, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Natural Weight Loss by nutrition and auricular acupuncture, Electro Body Sculpting and more.
For more information please refer to rockvilleesthetic.com.

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