💤🍓Helena Wolf✌👽

Student in the United States

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"shoutout to the artist who took his heart and soul and lost them both in the process"

👽Hello i am johnathon

🍓 ☆ art request: no ☆ art trade: yes if we're friends. Mabye if not. ☆Commission: sure. ☆Yee


🍓✌talk to me about fallout 4 or transformers✌👽

👽im a little bit of sugar but lost of poison too

🍓I like to draw and write stories🔫

👽⚠please dont copy my art⚠》please credit if you reference my art in any way. ⚠

🍓♢17 years old ☆ Transform and age up.♢

👽♤artist in training♤▪author in.training▪🔒

🍓I have alot of OCs haha... My personas are Helena, typer and Azar

👽My fursona is Sage.🐺

🍓Follow my friends please👽👭👫👬

💊if you watch akira with me you're gr8💊

💤🌙i like sleep more then the average person💤

Dm me if you wanna.